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Our 3 Step Scoliosis Treatment

Our scoliosis treatments are based on the CLEAR Institute method. The goal is to reduce pain and reduce the scoliotic spinal curvature so the body can function properly. The CLEAR treatment method is proven to work as long as patients actively participate in their healing.

The three steps in our scoliosis treatment involve first loosening the muscles and ligaments, then making spinal adjustments, and lastly re-educating the body’s postural muscles to hold the correct position. All three steps must be done for the treatment to produce ideal results.

Step 1: The Mix (warm-up)

Eckard Table for Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Treatment Table

Without a physical warm up, the disks between the vertebrae will be rigid and resist change. So before we do any chiropractic adjustment, the patient’s spine is warmed up with a number of devices:

•    The Active Rehabilitation Chair sits on a ball-and-socket joint and flexes in every direction to put the spine through a full range of motion.
•    The Cervical Traction Device is used by the patient to achieve gentle, repetitive spinal traction.
•    The Vibrating Traction device uses a slow, soothing vibration to relax the ligaments and soft tissues of the spine.  
•    The Eckard Flexion/Distraction table is a motorized table with belts that pull the scoliotic curves out of the spine once the ligaments have been relaxed.  

Whether you’re a young, flexible person or a less active adult, scoliosis treatment requires this warm-up to be effective.

Step 2: The Fix (Spinal Adjustment)

Treatment to Fix Scoliosis Treatment for fixing scoliosis

According to CLEAR guidelines for scoliosis treatments, mechanical instruments and specialized drop pieces should be used for nearly all adjustments. They’re more precise and require less force than manual correction.

The adjustments made by the chiropractor are based on the individual patient's x-rays.  Follow-up x-rays are taken of the neck, upper body and head to confirm the correction.

Step 3: The Set

Set the spine for scoliosis treatment Set the spine for scoliosis treatment

Immediately after the adjustment, the spine needs to be "set" in its corrected position to ensure the changes are permanent.  This involves spinal weighting (typically on the head and hips), whole body vibration therapy such as the Vibe and Scoliosis Traction Chair, and gait therapy, which re-trains patterns of moving and walking. 

Exercise is a crucial part of The Set. Workouts should be done on an exercise ball and the whole body vibration platform both at home and in the clinic. This increases the effectiveness of the exercises by two to three times.

NOTE: The CLEAR method of scoliosis treatment won’t work without the patient’s compliance. Remember, the spine has been deformed over a long period of time due to the scoliosis and it may take an hour or two a day of exercises for months or even years to reverse those changes.

But the good news is that the spinal correction will become permanent when the procedures and exercises outlined in Step 3 are followed.

Please contact us at one of our three New York clinics to see if our juvenile and adult scoliosis treatments are right for you.

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Dr. Sid is the only doctor in metropolitan New York and the north east region who offers integral ScoliSMART scoliosis care.

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